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Flyer Have Fun Eat Well the Italian wayThe project “EATING THE ITALIAN WAY: FUN AND NUTRITION”, in collaboration with Barilla, will be dedicated to children and their families and involve the schools of Dubai and their students, with the aim of improving the knowledge of children and their families regarding the healthy nutrition. Bearing this objective, Exquisite Communications have organized a competition for students and invited the Italian Chefs of Dubai, ambassadors of the Italian cuisine and the healthy nutrition, to hold classes and culinary demonstrations in the involved schools. Please find below a more detailed description of the project. The other Sponsors involved in the project are Grana Padano cheese and Monviso water.

Involvement of:
* Children aged 8-12;
* Their families;
* Schools
* Italian Chefs involved in the Italian Cuisine World Summit 2015.
Description of the competition:
* Each student has to create and present a very simple multimedia artwork / picture / photo representing the theme of the project;
* A Jury will select the proposed artworks;
* The competition’s winners will be awarded with:
1st prize: a travel to Italy accompanied by his/her parents
2nd and 3rd prize: Pasta supply for one month
Other initiatives:
* Activities to be hold by the Summit Italian Chefs of Dubai in some of the involved schools: the Chefs will present the theme of healthy nutrition to the students through games and activities.