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Goccia di Carnia

The spring

Goccia di Carnia flows from the Fleons Spring at 1,370 metres above sea level in the heart of Alpi Carniche (North-East of Italy) from a source sheltered by extensive larch forests that protect its environmental balance and purity.

Goccia di Carnia is one of the richest low mineral water springs in Europe, gushing at a constant temperature of 6°C all year. Goccia di Carnia is a natural product of the highest quality, source of health and well-being that is drunk pure, exactly as it is at the spring.
Goccia di Carnia is a mineral water:  only water that is bottled without being treated in any way and that therefore preserves its natural characteristics intact, as it gushes from the spring, is defined as such.

Thanks to the natural organoleptic properties:

TDS (fixed residue) : 74 mg/L

Sodium : 1.1 mg/L

Magnesium : 4.2 mg/L

Calcium : 21.5 mg/L

Goccia di Carnia contributes to your well-being because it quenches the body perfectly, facilitates diuresis and eliminates toxins and has very low sodium content. For these reasons Goccia di Carnia is a water suitable for children and for hydrating and freshening up your body after a sport session.

The plant is set in the absolute silence of woods and mountains, with a fully automated bottling process that preserves the natural characteristics of the water leaving it pure and untouched.

Four drops of health


Quatri gotis di salût.

Quatri gotis di salût”* is the expression that has always characterised Goccia di Carnia: today, after more than 40 years, the four drops of health remain a unique sign of Goccia di Carnia water, they hold all the most important values and are even more visible on bottles and six-packs.

A drop to hydrate your body.

A drop to taste purity.

A drop to limit sodium contribution.

A drop to facilitate diuresis

* is the meaning of “four drops of health” in friulian language.

Four drops of health for all children


For its natural properties, Goccia di Carnia is ideal for feeding babies needing water with few mineral salts since breast and powder milk already have the minerals they need.

Goccia di Carnia is the perfect water to dilute powder milk because:

- it is microbiologically pure and is bottled untouched exactly as it flows at the spring

- it has a particularly low fixed residue (74 mg/l)

- it has a very low nitrate level (only 1.5 mg/l) an important no pollution indicator

- low sodium content (1.1 mg/l)

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